Len Lee Pairs

Players forming a partnership can be members of different clubs providing both clubs are registered with the League. Format-: OFF CURRENT COMBINED HANDICAP - best of 5 frames through to the final (apart from the semi-finals): Venue to semi-finals-: the club of the home drawn pair: The two semi-finals will be played on a home and away basis, with both ties being overall the best of 7 frames (first to 4), 1st leg over 3 frames and the 2nd potentially 4 frames. Venue for the final-: Northern Snooker Centre £11 FEES BY BANK TRANSFER - Will those who have paid before by bank transfer (the LBSO details are the same), please do so again WITHOUT waiting to be contacted. PLEASE INDICATE WHO YOU ARE IN THE REFERENCE BOX! THANKS! NEW USERS - please contact Bob Patterson for LBSO bank details. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN INFORMED BY YOUR CAPTAINS ALREADY, THERE WILL BE NO DELEGATE MEETINGS TO PAY FEES THIS SEASON!

CLOSING DATE: Tuesday 31st October

PRICE: £11 - See above



No fixture has been drawn for this round.


Contact Details

ClubTeam Player Contact Number
Beechwood WMCBeechwood WMC ABilly Savage 07900 157534
 Eugene Learoyd 07951 943629
 Beechwood WMC BBen Smith 07525 188058
 Joe Linley 07884581327
Belle Isle WMCBelle Isle WMC ADean Smith 07949409422
 Ken Symons 07949409422
 Belle Isle WMC BPaul Galbraith 07932311201
 Richard Binns 07392825724‬
 Belle Isle WMC CGary Barton 07950361158
 Steven Hirst 07840454803
 Belle Isle WMC DScott Fell
 Tony Fell 07930821366
Bramley VillagersBramley Villagers CDarren Johnson 07825048247
 Rob Johnson 07939419249
Bramley WMCBramley WMC AAdam Winestein 07738174007
 Robert Kennally 07507376253
 Bramley WMC BStewart Quinn 07751175719
 Wayne Gledhill 07895113659
Chapel Allerton ClubChapel Allerton Club AJon O'Leary 07954018153
 Richard Hagerty 07740145777
Crossgates Recreation HallCrossgates Recreation Hall AGary Calter
 Jason Hudson 07801219344
Denison Hall ClubDenison Hall Club ALiam Barlow 07960746797
 Tom Doherty 07960746797
East End Park WMCEast End Park WMC AAnton Joyce 07921610266
 Chris Ibbitson 07921610266
Farsley Conservative ClubFarsley Conservative Club AJack Firth 07958 742032
 Paul Saynor 07919 888724
Harehills WMCHarehills WMC AAlan Harding 07799083741
 Anthony Sumner 07473185057
 Harehills WMC BDave Sutcliffe 07856553473
 Tony Massey 07955808074
 Harehills WMC CMichael Calvert 07834523022
 Winston David 07779741719
 Harehills WMC DDaz Hughes 07508118564
 Karl Hemsley 07469891831
 Harehills WMC EIan O'Brien 07940652196
 Sam O'Brien
Horsforth ConservativesHorsforth Conservatives AGary Hobbs 07930506051
 Mark Ball 07482194676
 Horsforth Conservatives BGreg Taylor 07975710638
 Neil Whittaker 07831231904
Leeds Postal Sports Association ClubLeeds Postal Sports Association Club AAndy Mitchell 07734833899
 Warren Rushman 07734833899
Middleton Conservative ClubMiddleton Conservative Club ADarren Binns 07375020637
 Steve Reynolds 07375020637
 Middleton Conservative Club BMark Aspin 01132707766
 Richard Aspin 07754215464
New Headingley ClubNew Headingley Club AAndrew Heseltine 07982903111
 Simon Kitchen 07982903111
New Wortley LabourNew Wortley Labour AJordan Quinn 07903092143
 Josh Becic 07720 249622
 New Wortley Labour BDave McCormack 07870427797
 Sean Stevens 07966044232
 New Wortley Labour CJohn Gillen 07375 705151
 Rob Drummond 07478315085
Rothwell WMCRothwell WMC AAdy Aveyard 07818 283 974
 Martin Booth 07917 678 731
 Rothwell WMC BIan Rayner 07709426015
 Lloyd Harrison
 Rothwell WMC CAlan Ruddock 07970261252
 Shane Coburn 07866494113
Rowland Road WMCRowland Road WMC ADean Stockton 07956329721
 Leon Browne 07935787133
 Rowland Road WMC BDaniel Hughes 07834569074
 Paul Aldcroft 07447944024
 Rowland Road WMC CJohn Mullen
 Liam Nicholson 07518457231
The New Middleton ClubThe New Middleton Club APhil Buckle 07538557449
 Steve Quigley 07538557449
 The New Middleton Club BDamien Gale 07581196939
 Steve Gale 07581196939
Tinshill & Cookridge ClubTinshill & Cookridge Club ADaniel Cowie 07809738770
 Ian Spink 07803307287
Upper & Lower Wortley Lib ClubUpper & Lower Wortley Lib Club AGary Popple 07891 153634
 Graham Audus 07596 954713
 Upper & Lower Wortley Lib Club BChris Freeman 07932 394452
 Jason Sanderson 07837 898764
 Upper & Lower Wortley Lib Club CLee Craven 07557 527029
 Stuart Emmerson 07714 098813
 Upper & Lower Wortley Lib Club DAllen Haigh 07985 290247
 Richard Steele 07868 422963
 Upper & Lower Wortley Lib Club EEllis Brown 07761 589092
 Robert Popple 07801 567527

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