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16 Sep 2014**WHITE BALLS!**

Can ALL teams take note once again please, that the WHITE CUE BALL should NOT be lighter, smaller or lighter and smaller, than the other snooker balls in a set. Even... read more

14 Sep 2014* HANDICAP REVIEW *

The first handicap review of the new season has been done and can be viewed by clicking on handicaps from the drop down menu. New handicaps come into force from Monday... read more


Sadly we have had the Northern Snooker (A) team withdraw from the B division before a ball has been potted. Can all captains in the B division note that there is now a... read more

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2014-15 LBSO Season:
Welcome to the LBSO website for regular and first time users alike!

The Billiards & 8 Snooker leagues are once again underway.
Navigate around the menus above, to find out about details of the 1,274 matches and the 10,192 frames to be played during this season for the 8 snooker titles. (Billiards fixtures and results can be found at "About Us / Documents").
The various menus will also update weekly, each divisions league table, results on each team page, individual players stats, and also show breaks and handicap changes when they occur.

The 2014-15 competition calendar will commence soon.
NOTE - the new addition of the competition "Winners Gallery" for the past 2 seasons.